Royal College of Art Show July 2016

Write your worries, fears, secrets.

The dolls will hold them for you.

Everything will be ok.

Laser cut plywood 8cm and 12cm

“He doesn’t get cuddled as much as he used to.” (Male 46 years)

Miscellaneous used parts

Polyester stuffed toy parts, varying sizes


Miscellaneous wooden parts

Jelutong wood

Varying sizes around 25cm each piece

The way he feels has changed, his fur has flattened, I often pick it off.’ (Female 40 years)



‘Warding off the the evil eye’

Head with nose

Calico, micro fibre stuffing


12cm x 15cm

He was my best friend, he still makes me feel safe and calm.’ (Female age 25 years) 


Blank Head

Calico, micro fibre stuffing


13cm x 12cm



Calico, micro fibre stuffing


14cm x 5cm

Series of three


‘I always talked to bear if I was angry’ (Male 44 years)




Large Worry Doll

Bronze, 23cm x 20cm

Medium Worry Doll

Bronze, 18cm x 9cm

Small Worry Doll

Bronze, 12cm x 7cm


 ‘No longer looks like the panda he once was.’  (Male 44 years)

Miscellaneous stuffed parts

Calico, cotton velvet, micro fibre filling

Varying sizes



Emotional Upholstery

People and objects come and go through out our lives.  The void that is left behind can be intolerable.  Anxiety seeps in, darkness hovers, but something catches your attention out of the corner of your eye.  A glimmer that becomes a safety net.  A prop waiting for your memory to cloak it with the familiar.

All the objects that I have created are the result of a lengthy process, a metamorphosis.  Either the complex intricacies that are required to transform paper and textiles into bronze. The selection, shaping and carving of wood. Layering form, colour and words in screen printing. Pattern making, stitching and stuffing fabric. The collection of personal narratives and the academic research that provides the foundations of a concept, specifically the ‘transitional object’.

The immeasurable qualities of the transitional object are one of the most valuable concepts we have.  The embedded amulet and talismanic powers, the ritualistic routine, the emotional dependency span childhood and adulthood. I am continuously intrigued by the ignition of life, that fuels an inanimate object into the mythical world of the ‘real’.